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Luonkos, made with love in Naantali

We at Luonkos wanted to the set the bar high: We would only accept the best materials, use organic alternatives whenever possible, and only use genuine essential oils and certified materials. No preservatives, no harmful chemicals, no cheating. We would use as much of the raw material as it takes for the product to actually work. 

Sound impossible? Not for the Luonkos ladies. Centuries ago the home town of Luonkos, Naantali in Southern Finland, was a safe haven for a thriving Bridgettine monastery, and as the monastery’s courtyard filled with lush, fragrant herb gardens, the connection between women, nature, and well-being flourished. The herbs were a source of well-being, health, and beauty. And following the footsteps of the Bridgettine ladies, the Luonkos ladies were on a quest for answers, combining contemporary knowledge with ancient wisdom. Thanks to the determination and ambition of the stubborn, skilled ladies, new solutions emerged, ones that were friendlier for both the skin and the nature. Customer feedback was clear: the products actually worked, keeping true to what was promised.

It was cosmetics made easy, and still as indulging as ever. Not settling on how it’s always been done, and always keeping the customer in mind – by answering to their everyday skincare troubles.